Saturday, May 12, 2012

Drinks with Lilly Pulitzer: on Kindle, Nook, and e-devices everywhere.

Own it today! on Kindle, Nook, and e-devices everywhere!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wild Things

Wild Things (a poem from Drinks With Lilly Pulitzer): Up my costume, put on my crown, cast off my boat, I’m ocean bound, can’t wait to see them, I’ve come so far, to Sendak Island: Where the Wild Things Are, my scepter’s gold, my heart is red, if you stare me down, you’ll blink instead, live your life, become who you are, don’t let them tame you, Where the Wild Things Are, inside us all, there lives a Max, who rumpuses wild, in pawed wolf tracks, if ever you’re lost, just look to the stars, and know that out there, is Where the Wild Things Are.

For Maurice Sendak (June 10, 1928 - May 8, 2012)

May 10th,
on Kindle, Nook, and e-devices everywhere

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So I had to keep this one under wraps, but now that it's all finished, I can talk about it.

I recently wrote a short-story (about 10 pages) where a person gets murdered for doing what I think any person who does deserves: harming, sex with, or killing a child. I believe if you do any of those aforementioned things, your ass should be outta here. Period. No jail, no Chris Hansen. Offed.

There is some controversy and speculation about who the person in the story is, if they're real or not, I mean. Well, I'm not at liberty to say. Maybe it's just fiction, maybe I'm not talking about anybody in particular at all, or... maybe I am. I'll let you and Nancy Grace decide (I like her because she's as crazy as she is loud).

A big thanks to Noah Pfarr (s’up, N) for his awesome cover design. I look forward to working with him (you) again. I will upload the story this upcoming Monday, the 23rd, on Kindle and Nook and at And as always, it will only be 99 cents.
May she rest in peace.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Drinks on Me

So it's only one more month until my children's book, Drinks with Lilly Pulitzer, comes out, and I'm definitely happy with the final result. It's funny and, even if I say so myself, clever. There wasn't a kids/young-adults book of poems out that had in it the silliness I like, so, I wrote one myself.

And at this time, DwLP contains one short-story and an epic poem (or at least I think it's an epic poem), and I wrote it for nothing more than to make myself laugh (cheaper than therapy). And I hope it (DwLP) makes you laugh too. If not, well, it'll only be 99 cents, so, not much of a risk on your part, a?

And just because I'm such a sweetheart (ha!), I'll give ya two freebies to enjoy for --- um, well... free!

The Monster Across The Street

Last night when I was in bed, outside I heard a peep, and when I looked outside my window, I saw a monster across the street, he was too far for me to hear him, so he held up a really big sign, that read come along with me kid, we’ll have a really good time, he didn’t look all that scary, so I wasn’t all that afraid, and like that he held a new sign, that read, I’m serving lemonade, I thought sure I’ll go with him, I love lemonade, yeah, its sweet, and yet again he held a another sign, that read, I also have candy and treats, and just as I opened my window, the monster made a frown, and just like that he held a new sign, that read, hurry and put my window back down, now I was a bit confused, didn’t he want me to flee, and to my surprise he held a new sign, that read, You should have never talked to me, the monster began to speak clearly, I could hear him from across the street, he said even though I was smiling kid, I should have gave you the creeps, first of all I’m a monster, second I’m offering sweets, you should never talk to strangers kid, no matter how they smile and greet, because some friendly looking people are dangerous, they even give us monsters the creeps, and now I’ve learned my lesson, and it’s a wise lesson I’ll always keep, I know kids should never to talk to strangers, thanks to The Monster across the Street.

Little Lidvard Lickmickity

Little Lidvard Lickmickity, why are you late to school? It’s cause on the way I wrestled an alligator, and he was pulling out all his best moves. Little Lidvard Lickmickity, you know that’s not the truth. I swear that’s what happened teacher, he attacked me from the roof. Little Lidvard Lickmickity, don’t make me ask you again. You would have been so proud of me teacher, I elbowed him right in the chin! Little Lidvard Lickmickity, no more lies --- I mean it --- stop! But right after my super sweet elbow, he countered with the Gator Drop! Little Lidvard Lickmickity, there are no Gators near this school! I’m being totally honest teacher, I don’t take you for a fool. Little Lidvard Lickmickity, I’m tired so how did it end? Oh it’s not over he asked for a rematch, so tomorrow I’ll be late again!

May 10th, on Kindle, Nook, and e-devices everywhere

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Fabulous Life of the Fascinating Francis Fodder, re-posted from Meagan Morrison's blog

Hello Darlings,

I'm so thrilled to finally be presenting you with this commissioned post. The illustrated shoe designs I created above have been several weeks in the making all thanks to the clever ingenuity of author William Campbell. Campbell contacted me back in January with an incredibly creative prospect. He was looking for a unique way to promote his trilogy book series, The Fascinating Life of the Fabulous Francis Fodder, and proposed I design three original shoes to embody the lead females in his story. I responded with a resounding yes and jumped right onboard.

The compelling story of The Fascinating Life of the Fabulous Francis Fodder is about a man who endures a life-altering college heartbreak, only to grow-up and become a professional gigolo (yes you read that correctly). When Fodder runs into his former love on a whim his life is turned irreversibly upside down. I would be lying if I said that reading the brief book description left me a tad bit skeptical, but once I broke into the first installment I was hooked. Something about the unwavering connection with his first love really resonated with me, especially reading it from the male perspective.

The shoes you see above, in sequential order, represent the three main female characters from the series: Glamour Dietrich, a stunningly successful, dead-ringer for January Jones, director/screen-writer, and first-love to Fodder; Ruby Tuesday, a sultry hotelier and confidant to Miss Dietrich; and lastly Crystal Canker, a frosty media-mogul and soon to be First Lady. All three women are so brilliantly interlaced into the truly fascinating life of the fabulous Francis, you can't help but want to read more. After all, who out there isn't at least a bit curious to glimpse into the life of a gigolo?!

I would like to be clear that there is some fairly graphic content in the book so I do not recommend this to anyone below the age of 18. What I'm ultimately endorsing here is a very human love story, albeit, one dipped in high-gloss glamour and hidden behind velvet curtains.

Now to get your hands on the first two installments of the series, you can purchase the book over at:

Amazon Book 1 and Book 2

Barnes & Noble Book 1 and Book 2

The third book will be available on March 30th and I for one cannot wait to see how the whole story unfolds!!

If you would like even more insight into the series or are curious to check-out other books written by Campbell, be sure to click the following links:

Now before I sign-off on this post I would like to give a massive thank-you to Campbell for this wonderful opportunity. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and I'm wishing you all the luck in the world with The Fabulous Life of the Fascinating Francis Fodder series.

Much love,
Meag xx

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Graceland (re-released)

The thing about putting your contact info in the back of your books, is that sometimes, people take you up on it. So after a couple of flattering request, I am re-releasing Graceland. Wasn't going to, but as an author, it's not up to me. The people have spoken.

For those of you who don't know, Graceland is the story in which a black man who is falsely accused of rape, is tried and hung by an angry mob in the 1800's, and who after several events, is avenged by God Himself, the title character, Graceland.

It is a story of bigotry in all walks of life, racial, religious, sexual and etcetera. And also due to the genuine Southern dialect used throughout, hard to read for some. But as difficult as it is or isn't to read, people have asked for it, and so I'm republishing it. For FREE!!!! (except for on Amazon and Nook, they don't allow me to make it free there. Eh, oh well, it's only 99 cents).

So look for it March 10th, on, Kindle, Nook, and e-devices everywhere.

March 10th,
on Nook, Kindle,, and e-devices everywhere.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Third time's a charm (edited)

Well, it's that time again, and this time, it's the last time. At least for my Francis Fodder trilogy, it is. March 30th is Book 3's scheduled release day, and thus far, I'm on time. Although the 30th will be here before I know it. So there's that.

And also, I see some of you have been buying Francis Fodder out of order, and it's not one of those books that can stand alone. So Book 1, 2, and soon, 3. Just wanted to give you all a heads up. Cause if you start at Book 2, you're not going to have any idea what's going on. It begins at chapter 11. 

Yeah, I think that's it. Love you guys, talk to you soon, and until next time, stay safe and well read.

Campbell, aka, (Candle)

March 30th, on electronic devices anywhere.

Avalible now. On Kindle and Nook and e-devices everywhere!

The one that started it all. Availible now.

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